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To provide customized, robust and versatile trade facilitation solutions to our clients through continuous innovative business process, and also develop the growth capacity of the countries in which we operate.


Ghana Link Network services Limited is committed to the following values:


To provide a state-of-the-art software to support expeditious Customs services


To be a pace setter in the global front offering customized state of the art solutions in the supply chain industry.

Our Technical Partner


On March 29th 2018, the Government of Ghana, acting through the Ministry of Trade and Industry entered into an agreement with Ghana Link Network Services Ltd. for the provision of an end-to-end  integrated customs management system (ICUMS) for Ghana Revenue Authority – Customs Division

Corporate Objectives

The objectives of the ICUMS System are as follows:

Increase revenue of the Government through a more efficient tax collection system

Provide a one-stop service by reducing clearance time and ensure quick turn-around for clients

Enhance transparency and Anti-corruption initiatives

Build synergy by re-using Information

Enhance corporate and national competitiveness

Improve safe work environment

Business Objectives

The objectives associated with our recurrent services are:

To verify custom classification of imported items and to check the compliance of imported goods to global standards and import regulations.

To augment government’s efforts to facilitate, expedite and liberalise trade whilst ensuring that the integrity of national regulations are not compromised.

To deliver the highest quality service for Customs and to exceed their expectation through optimum service delivery.

To compile a database that will generate fast & reliable trade statistics for monitoring and risk management purposes.

To be completely dedicated to the internationally accepted code of conduct in the Supply Chain industry..


GHANA LINK NETWORK SERVICES LIMITED has a cream of committed and well-trained human resource that is capable of handling our sophisticated state of the art Information technology facilities, as well as being committed to providing professional service.

Our IT application for trade facilitation and customs management system (the UNIPASS System) includes modern 4G electronic data transmission facilities and Computerized Risk Management systems.

Our Customer Service Delivery drive aims to actualize the establishment of a viable client relationship management system that is critical to addressing the operational and information challenges that arise in professional service delivery and tax compliance.

Among the tools available are a fully functional Client Service Call Centre that responds in real time, to all enquiries from clients far and wide.

Besides, we will facilitate Consultative Forums at critical operations levels to engage key stakeholders including the public regarding our service delivery and care.

We own and operate non-intrusive x-ray scanner services in the major entry and exist points in Ghana. We aim to sustain local capacity in scanning services to support customs and port reforms to speed up goods clearance.

Our state-of-the-art non-intrusive inspection (NII) scanners can speedily inspect containers, cargoes and vehicles, to better detect fraud and contraband goods, heightening security at the ports.

We specialize in scanner projects involving equipment sourcing, supply, installation, operation, maintenance of non-intrusive scanners for sea, air and cross-border cargo and scanning in parts of the world.

Ghana Link, under the UNIPASS project will thus complement the existing End-to-end paperless system, and be able to seamlessly integrate with existing scanning systems at various points of entry.

In the area of Customs preventive measures, Officers will be stationed in control rooms to detect likely theft of containers at the ports using CCTV cameras and monitors that are deployed within the port and external container depots, to support national security for the detection of document fraud, contraband goods and illicit drugs in cargo consignments.