Scanning services

Scanner Services

non-intrusive x-ray scanner services

We own and operate non-intrusive x-ray scanner services in the major entry and exist points in Ghana. We aim to sustain local capacity in scanning services to support customs and port reforms to speed up goods clearance.

Our state-of-the-art non-intrusive inspection (NII) scanners can speedily inspect containers, cargoes and vehicles, to better detect fraud and contraband goods, heightening security at the ports.

We specialize in scanner projects involving equipment sourcing, supply, installation, operation, maintenance of non-intrusive scanners for sea, air and cross-border cargo and scanning in parts of the world.

Ghana Link, under the UNIPASS project will thus complement the existing End-to-end paperless system, and be able to seamlessly integrate with existing scanning systems at various points of entry.

In the area of Customs preventive measures, Officers will be stationed in control rooms to detect likely theft of containers at the ports using CCTV cameras and monitors that are deployed within the port and external container depots, to support national security for the detection of document fraud, contraband goods and illicit drugs in cargo consignments.