Ghana Link’s Executive Chairman wins Excellence In Business award…

Ghana Link’s Executive Chairman wins Excellence In Business award…

The Executive Chairman of the Ghana Link Network Services Ltd (Ghana Link), Mr Nick Danso Adjei has been awarded with a life time achievement award Excellence In Business Award at the 4th Ghana Business Awards held in Accra.

The award is in recognition of Mr Danso Adjei’s exemplary and visionary leadership to leverage technology to automate processes to facilitate trade and increase revenue for national development and successfully steering the implementation of the Integrated Customs Management Systems

This is the second time Executive Chairman of Ghana Link has won a topmost award in just two months. At this year’s Ghana Shippers Awards, Mr Nick Danso Adjei won the Personality of the Year award for his exceptional leadership character, vision, integrity and focus to continuously provide direction to deliver projects that have directly impacted on increasing revenues while facilitating trade.

Mr Nick Danso Adjei’s contribution and achievements in the ICT and Trade facilitation sector in the country and beyond remains pivotal in the development pursuit of the nation. This is demonstrated in the development and implementation of innovative and award-winning projects.

Under the leadership of Mr Danso Adjei, Ghana Link is expected to deploy new modules and innovative projects (e-products) such as the E-Auction for the Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division and Domestic Tax Division) which aims to help the auctioning processes to be transparent and smooth, also soon the company is expected to work with the authorities at the Airport to deploy the Airport Passenger Information Systems also known as the APIS.

These initiatives are to contribute to the country to strengthen help GRA build one of the most advanced tax and business regimes in Africa. The impact of the ICUMS has been a significant increase not only tax revenues but also the domestic tax revenue collections.

Commenting on the award on the sidelines of the event, Mr Danso Adjei noted that the award is a testament to the hard work he and his team of Directors and staff has put in running his businesses.

Touching on entrepreneurship, Mr Danso advised the Ghanaian youth to be hard working and focused on achieving their goals and aspirations.  He urged the youth who wish to venture into entrepreneurship to always take risks as that is necessary to attaining success in the business world.

He however, quickly added that risks taken should be ‘reasonable’ and those that ensure that will surely achieve their intended goals.

Mr Danso Adjei is the Executive Chairman of not only Ghana Link but he has also been very successful at starting and running other businesses like the Royal Nick Hotel, the Royal Light, Nick TC Scan (Ghana and Seirra Leone), Alic Inspection Company, Export Gold Ethanol Inspection Company, Global Export Company of Guinea Bissau, Misyl a Energy BDC, Nick Petroleum and several other companies.

The Ghana Business Awards is a prestigious awards programme that recognises and rewards excellence across all sectors in the country.

The Awards provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of their business sector while recognising the key functions within the sector that promote growth and sustainability.

The event seeks to celebrate achievement, innovation and brilliance within the business environment of Ghana.


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